JOTECH COMPUTER CO. LTD (JOTECH) is a systems integrator computer, communication and security service industry, specializing in finding the right combination of products and services to fit its client’s needs. We sell and support both IT hardware and software tailored to optimally serve your need. 

We are fully geared to providing extensive on-site and/or off-site support throughout the country and beyond with our network of Partners.

Our Vision
To become and maintain leadership in the Information Communication and Technology services industry in the West African region by understanding our customers’ needs, current and new emerging technologies, and delivering excellence in our solutions.

Our Mission
To delivers technology with a strategic business purpose.
We realize that the right solutions require more than a purely technical approach. We place an emphasis in understanding our client’s strategic and operational goals in order to match their specific business needs with relevant technology.

As our mission is to offer quality service to our numerous customers at a highly affordable cost. Our services remain among the best in the industry today, addressing our customer needs at such a cost that takes account of their size and budget.

We have aliened ourselves with industry leaders and solution providers in ICT to enable us deliver cutting edge technologies to our customers.

Some of them include: